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    Lt. Starke, The Enclave Outcast


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    Lt. Starke, The Enclave Outcast Empty Lt. Starke, The Enclave Outcast

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    A man walking around in raider-clothes to blend in and hide his true identity from his fellow kin, apparently always on the move, but why is not known. He uses normal firearms but have been spotted carrying unusually high-tech,- and advanced weaponry. He proves to be as deadly both at range and close combat. He does not stay long in one place, and none has succeeded in following him around.

    Before he ventured alone in the wastes he used to be a proud member of the Enclave. He was known as Liutenant Starke, a Platoon Commander, one of the best within his ranks. His troopers revered him for his just and honor amongst his men, and he was a devoted leader. Lt. Starke commanded his own group of 30 Enclave troopers and had an assisting Platoon Sargent. After his 7th yar of service he was promoted to Liutenant, and he got to participate on meetings within the higher ranking offisers, he did not like what he saw and heard. So he realized how wrong the Enclave`s ways are, slaughtering innocent people which they were told were no better than the mutants, just because they were not born within the Enclave walls, but worst of all telling everyone in a sneaky way how this way was the right way. But the people outside that survived the RAD-ravaged lands were not mutants at all as the leadership claims, they were normal humans just like themselves. He later tried to convince some of his men of how wrong the Enclave beliefs were, but even though he was a well respected commander he was luckily not taken seriously, if not he would probably been executed for blasphemy. Later he began to smuggle gear and equipment out of the Enclave base into a very fitting place he discovered far away to store the technology and stuff he took with him unnoticed. But on his last day withing the Enclave he was discovered when he attempted to corrupt some of the computer files concerning mapping, communication and radar units before leaving, he barely escaped with his life.

    Now Lt. Starke, the Ex-Enclave Commander, hides somewhere in the wastes with prized Enclave equipment trying to redeem himself for his previous actions against the human kind on the behalf of The Enclave.

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