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    The 1st Vault Dweller roamed these parts.

    Vault 13

    Vault 13 is the Vault Dweller's home. The first quest given to the 1st Vault Dweller was to find a replacement for the Vault's broken water purification chip. None of the inhabitants were permitted to leave the vault, under the leadership of the Vault's overseer, who was dedicated to protecting and sheltering them. Vault 13 was probably located under Mt. Whitney, as it roughly matches the location of the mountain. Vault 13 may also refer to a mountain in Indian Wells Valley, within the bounds of the Naval Air Weapons Station at China Lake, known as B-Mountain, and was rumored to have a large underground research center inside.

    Vault 15

    Vault 15 was once occupied by an enormous number of people of very different ideologies and cultures. The overcrowding and the diversification led to the leaving of four different groups, three of them forming each one raiding group - the Khans, the Vipers and the Jackals - and one of them settling down and founding Shady Sands. The Vault 15 is now lair to several mutated animals. This is (probably) the Dweller's first attempt to find a water purification chip, although it was nowhere to be found here.

    Shady Sands

    A group of former Vault 15 inhabitants have founded a small village between Vault 13 and Vault 15. Shady Sands is ruled by Aradesh. who asked the Vault Dweller to help get rid of the radscorpions who threatened the village. Here, the Vault Dweller recruited Ian, an experienced traveler and gunman, to his group. He was also involved with Tandi, the daughter of Aradesh, by failing to return her to town after her kidnapping. An obelisk in the center of the city has the inscriptions "In remind of hope and peace".

    Khans Raider Camp

    A clan of raiders known as the Khans, led by a man named Garl, have set up a camp near Shady Sands.


    Surrounded by junk heaps of cars, Junktown is run by the shop owner Killian Darkwater, who is also the sheriff and grandson of the town's founder. Junktown's gates are closed in the night, and drawing weapons is not allowed except in self-defense. Gizmo, the town's casino owner, wants Killian dead, because he "cramps [his] business". Junktown may be located in Mojave a small town where two highways 58 and 14 meet in Southern California, also known for being the original launch point for the Spaceship One test flights (although that occurred after the game was made) and a very large commercial airliner boneyard.


    A major commercial town.It is divided in several districts, each one controlled by a powerful group of people: the Water Merchants, the Crimson Caravan and the Far Go Traders. Here the Vault Dweller got water delivered merchants to Vault 13 to extend the time limit in which he had to find the water chip. The Hub's approximate location corresponds to Lancaster in California.


    A city possibly built upon the ruins of Barstow. It also closely corresponds to the Hesperia / Victorville areas. Overrun by ghouls and containing a vast sewer system, Necropolis is the aftermath of Vault 12. Vault 12 was designed by the Enclave so that its door couldn't close and the vault's occupants would be exposed to high doses of radiation. This led to the transformation of its inhabitants into ghouls after the Great War. The ghouls were divided in three groups: the surface dwellers, who are the most numerous, and paranoid about non-ghouls and outsiders; the Glowing Ones, heavily irradiated ghouls, rejected even by their own ilk; and the so-called underground ghouls, living in the city's sewers. It is here that the Vault-Dweller found the water chip whilst observing an unusual super-mutant invasion, which which proved be a serious threat to humanity's future.


    The Boneyard, also known as The Angel's Boneyard, is the remaining portion of the Los Angeles cityscape. This is one of the later towns that the Vault Dweller visited, receiving upgrades for equipment: the Turbo Plasma Rifle and Hardened Power Armor.

    Lost Hills Bunker

    (shown simply as "Brotherhood of Steel" in the Pip-Boy)
    Headquaters of the Brotherhood of Steel, an organisation with roots in the US military and government-sponsored scientific community from before the Great War. The outpost consists of 4 underground levels; with level 1 closest to the surface and level 4 the furthest underground.

    The Glow

    Formerly known as West Tek Research Facility, The Glow is now an irradiated ruin. It is here that experiments were conducted on laser and plasma weapons, and the development of the FEV and Power Armor took place. The Glow is controlled by a mainframe called "ZAX". It was the Vault Dweller's objective to retrieve a piece of evidence for the Brotherhood of Steel, which was a holodisk left by a fallen Brotherhood of Steel member, that proves he entered the location. The difficulty in this assignment is that The Glow is highly radioactive, and the Vault Dveller consumed loads of anti-radiation drugs to survive the visit, he also weared a type of Power Armor which also protected him against RADs. A player unaware of this zone's high radiation levels will find himself quickly succumbing to radiation poisoning.

    Mariposa Military Base

    This former Military Base is where research was conducted on the FEV (which were previously conducted in the West Tek Research Facility). This is where new Super-Mutants are created.

    The Cathedral

    The Cathedral is the place where the Children of the Cathedral organization, which was a facade for the Master's plans, which was found by the Vault Dweller. Beneath the Cathedral was the secret vault, wherein the Master resided.

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