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    The Brotherhood of steel Empty The Brotherhood of steel

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    The Brotherhood of steel Fallou14

    The ruling council of the Brotherhood of Steel, based in the Lost Hills bunker in South California, decided to send a contingent of soldiers to the East Coast, to recover any and all advanced technology from Washington, DC and to investigate the reports of super mutant activity in the area.

    The Pentagon, as they had feared, was largely destroyed. But its sub-levels remained intact, and contained enough pre-war technology and weaponry to keep Brotherhood forces going indefinitely (once the defense robots were destroyed). But there was something else, as well… They found Liberty Prime, a technological marvel that, if restored, could help the Brotherhood rebuild a strength and reputation that had been declining steadily for years.

    The discovery was significant enough to earn Paladin Owyn Lyons a battlefield promotion to Elder, and a new directive from his superiors – to establish a new, permanent Brotherhood base in the Capital Wasteland, and continue the search for any other advanced technology hidden in the capital’s ruins.

    Lyons accepted his new post gladly, and founded the Citadel, built into and beneath the ruins of the Pentagon. It was a fortress the Brotherhood of Steel desperately needed, and one they rushed to fortify, thanks to their other great discovery – Super Mutants.

    Capital Wasteland Brotherhood Power Armor and Laser Rifle

    * The Capital Wasteland Brotherhood uses a Power Armor model similar to the T-51b Power Armor, but with some key differences. It is possible that it is the early T-45d Power Armor or some other early prototype. Relative to the Western Brotherhood, this armor is much more widely issued, being given to most front-line personnel, and not just select paladins. Given this, and the different design of the armor, it is possible that most of their power armor was salvaged from the ruins of the Pentagon, and perhaps from other military facilities encountered during their journey east, and used to replace damaged or worn Brotherhood Armor and T-51b suits.
    * They also use a new Laser Rifle model and Chinese Assault Rifles. They do not have any kind of plasma weapons, likely because the Brotherhood did not want to risk losing such rare weapons if the mission went badly, and so did not issue them to Lyons' forces.
    * According to conceptual designs strange plasma pistols, miniguns and super sledges can be possible.

    Staff throughout the Capitol Wasteland

    The Citadel

    o The Lyons' Pride
    + Sentinel Sarah Lyons (Leader)
    + Knight Captain Colvin (unspecified)
    + Knight Captain Dusk (Sniper)
    + Knight Captain Gallows (Spec Ops)
    + Paladin Glade (Heavy Weapons)
    + Paladin Kodiak (Generalist)
    + Paladin Vargas (unspecified)
    + Initiate Reddin (Paladin Vargas' trainee; dies during main quest line)
    + Initiate Jennings (Knight Captain Colvin's trainee, found dead after first meeting Lyons)
    + Lone Wanderer (The player is granted honorary membership in the Pride during the Take it Back! Quest. The player is then offered their choice of a full suit of Power Armor or Initiate/Recon Armor.
    o Star Paladin Cross (Seneschal to Elder Owyn Lyons; recruitable NPC)
    o Paladin Gunny (Power Armor/Initiate Trainer)
    o Paladin Bael (Gatekeeper)
    o Knight Captain Durga (Quartermaster)
    o Knight Artemis
    * Un-named
    o 4 Paladins patrolling the eastern coastline (2 pairs)
    o 2 Paladin snipers perched in crows nests attached to the southeast corner of the Citadel
    o 1 Knight at the gate (with Bael and the Sentry Bot)
    o 2 Knights on the walkway above the gate
    o 3 Knights guarding doors in the Courtyard
    o A Knight in a bombed out tower in the courtyard
    o 3 Knights in the Lab (1 patrolling upper level; 2 guarding lower level)
    o 2 Knights guarding the door to the Great Hall in A Ring
    o 8 Initiates training in the Courtyard
    o 2 Knights guarding the door to the Solar (Elder Lyons' room) in B Ring
    o Several other knights within the citadel, often found in beds

    Galaxy News Radio (GNR)

    * Named
    o Knight Sergeant Wilks
    o Knight Finley
    o Knight Dillon
    * Un-named
    o 1 Knight (dead, armed with the Fat Man)
    o 2 Paladins guarding the front door exterior (may die in initial fighting with Super Mutants or Behemoth)
    o 2-3 Paladins patrolling the front exterior balconies (these too may die in the fighting with the Super Mutants, though the Behemoth cannot reach them.)

    Arlington Library

    * Un-named
    o 2 Paladins guarding the lobby
    o 2 Paladins who begin the purging of Raiders from the library
    o 2 Paladins who join the initial 2 in the purge

    The Washington Monument

    * Un-named
    o 1 Paladin guarding the main gate
    o 1 Knight in a raised redoubt guarding the road to the Lincoln Memorial
    o 1 Initiate guarding the main gate
    o 1 Initiate patrolling the rear exterior wall

    Pennsylvania Avenue

    * Un-named
    o 1 Paladin fighting Super Mutants near the White House
    o 1 Paladin sleeping inside the hotel near the White House
    o 1 Initiate fighting Super Mutants near the White House

    Falls Church

    * Named
    o Knight Church (deceased; corpse location unknown)
    o Paladin Hoss
    o Initiate Pek
    * Un-named
    o 1 Paladin fighting alongside Paladin Hoss
    o 1 Paladin (alive, heavily armed, in L.O.B. Enterprise's CEO's office, top floor, East Wing)
    o 2 Initiates (deceased, in Power Armor, in the second/GAO office building)

    The Mall

    * Un-named
    o 3 Initiates (all in power armor with dogtags; all dead; 1 in the bunker, 1 bent over a sandbag wall outside one entrance to the bunker, and 1 bent over a raised metal redoubt on the edge of The Mall

    Taft Tunnel

    * Un-named
    o 1 Initiate guarding a large metal door against Ghouls

    Other Brotherhood of Steel soldiers may be randomly found patrolling the wasteland, or dead.
    [edit] Non-Combatants

    The Citadel

    * Named
    o Elder Owyn Lyons
    o Scribe Peabody (Proctor, Order of the Sword)
    o Scribe Bowditch (Proctor, Order of the Shield)
    o Scribe Jameson (Proctor, Order of the Quill)
    o Scribe Rothchild (in charge of Liberty Prime)
    o Sawbones (Robo Doc)
    o Squire Arthur Maxson
    * Un-named
    o 8 Scribes, Orders of Sword and Shield, in the Lab
    o 3 Scribes, Order of the Quill, in A Ring with Scribe Jameson

    Arlington Library

    * Named
    o Senior Scribe Yearling (Research Associate, Order of the Quill)

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