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    Washington D.C. The Capitol wasteland


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    Washington D.C. The Capitol wasteland Empty Washington D.C. The Capitol wasteland

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    This Capitol Wasteland is located at the East Coast of what used to be the United States of America, mostly in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. The 3rd Vault Dweller roams this area.

    The Capital Wasteland is the general name given to the ruins of Washington D.C. and the region immediately surrounding it. It stretches from Raven Rock in the northwest to Rivet City in the southeast with the Potomac River dividing the Wasteland roughly in two.

    Rivet City
    It is housed in an aircraft carrier that was docked at the Washington Navy Yard at the time of the Great War, and left stranded when the water level in the Anacostia and Potomac rivers dropped. The community was founded by members of the pre-War Naval Research Center, who moved to the vessel to make use of its onboard facilities and comparatively defensible position.

    By 2277, Rivet City was the sole supplier of edible, non-irradiated food in the Capital Wasteland, trading it for essential raw materials with other communities.

    Megaton City
    Megaton was built by a large group of people who originally planned to seek shelter in Vault 101 but were denied access so without shelter constructed a place to call home out of pieces of metal/aircraft found nearby at a decimated air station. They were aided by the Children of the Atom, who worshipped the undetonated bomb in the crater they were building around.

    Tenpenny Tower
    Tenpenny Tower is located southwest from Megaton. The old luxury hotel is now the refuge of Allistair Tenpenny who allows people in for the right price - Ghouls need not apply.

    Paradise Falls
    Paradise Falls is a converted shopping mall. It is a hub for nearly all slaver activity in the Capital Wasteland, and is a constant source of fear for all its denizens. Paradise Falls is led by Eulogy Jones, who regulates the purchase and selling of slaves. Most of the town's residents are battle-grizzled, fearless slavers who have absolutely no qualms with the profitable business of slavery. Paradise Falls is infamous for its unabated incursions into Big Town, and Little Lamplight on rare occasions. It is heavily guarded by its Slaver inhabitants, all of whom are armed with weapons and are not reluctant to use them.

    The Citadel

    The Citadel can be found on the west end of Arlington Memorial Bridge, northeast of Arlington Library.
    The entrance is on the northeast corner of the building and guarded by three Brotherhood of Steel sentries hence this being their HQ.

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